Kari Suomela (ftnx@karicobs.com)
Tue, 09 Nov 1999 18:11:24 EST5EDT

Tuesday November 09 1999 23:47, Alex Makarov wrote to ifmail@online.ru:

>> Hmm, if someone explains when this is necessary.

AM> That's easy. You may ask 1:2424/101 when this is necessary. When
AM> all
AM> mail is processed by external programs in other OS ( OS/2 in case
AM> of
AM> /101 ), filenames in the spool are written in uppercase. Perhaps
AM> you
AM> know that people do not use only ifmail+ifnews with ifcico. Lots
AM> of
AM> other mailprocessors work with BSO, too. But not all of them do
AM> it "right" for ifcico. I doubt it's hard to change this.

BinkD has implemented this correctly. :)

>> > - Restore .flos after failed outgoing call. There's no need in
>> > this feature on *my* station, but there're TONS of people who
> want
>> > this.
>> What's that? flo's are not removed after failed sessions.

AM> I'm sorry, you are wrong. There's even the special patch in tx.sc
AM> version to create empty .flos when the session was aborted.

This is the second major reason, why ifcico us useless in its current
form. Outbound mail just isn't getting out, if the first attempt fails
for any reason. :(