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Tue, 09 Nov 99 23:47:34 +0200

On Tue, Nov 09, 1999 at 12:22:23AM +0200, wrote:

> > OK. So I wonder whether we should expect the following features in 3.0:
> >
> > - Correct Hydra protocol
> No. There is no (AFAIK) correct hydra implementation for UNIX.

Could you please explain why there are correct hydra implementations for DOS,
OS/2, Win32 - and nothing for UNIX?

> > - Ignoring the case of ?lo files and their contents (for now, I have a
> > script translating all this to lowercase. But that's not good)
> Hmm, if someone explains when this is necessary.

That's easy. You may ask 1:2424/101 when this is necessary. When all mail is
processed by external programs in other OS ( OS/2 in case of /101 ),
filenames in the spool are written in uppercase.
Perhaps you know that people do not use only ifmail+ifnews with ifcico.
Lots of other mailprocessors work with BSO, too. But not all of them do it
"right" for ifcico. I doubt it's hard to change this.

> > - Correct MSGID susbstitution (personally, I don't need it. But my uplinks
> > complain about this)
> ifmail has correct MSGID generator. "os" version has incorrect, and
> potentially dangerous generator.

So why almost all the sysops of xUSSR FidoNet area use "incorrect" MSGID

> > - Restore .flos after failed outgoing call. There's no need in this feature
> > on *my* station, but there're TONS of people who want this.
> What's that? flo's are not removed after failed sessions.

I'm sorry, you are wrong. There's even the special patch in version to
create empty .flos when the session was aborted.

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