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Pablo Saratxaga (
15 Nov 1999 16:45:42 +0059

Li 15 Nov 1999 13:37:42 +0100,
Marco Gaiarin <> scrţjheut:

EC>> MIME support. OTOH full support for b64/qp encodings and multipart/
EC>> embedded messages seems an unreasonable complication. I now feel that

MG> Part that are not textual (or non convertable to plain fido messages)
MG> can be crash f'attached (mostly for matrix) sending a little
MG> informational message, or uuencoded in message (mostly for echo).

You forget that file attach routing is non functional in fidonet; and that
the lenght of messages is limited, making for a lot of trouble when uuencoding
(yes, when keeping the original format it isn't better; but it isn't worst
either; I mean, why converting ?)

Also some MIME types can't be converted to file attach nor uuencoding
concepts; like the authentification and signing types.

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