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13 Nov 1999 14:58:55 +0059

Li 9 Nov 1999 00:36:51 +0100,
Eugene Crosser <> scrţjheut:

> OK. So I wonder whether we should expect the following features in 3.0:
> - Correct Hydra protocol

EC> No. There is no (AFAIK) correct hydra implementation for UNIX.

I dson't know if it is correct or not; but there is one that works.
(Done by Christof Meerwald, I just merged that with the 'tx' and see it
worked; the nhappily used Hydra with my uplink :) ).
I haven't had any report of Hydra problems (yes, at the first version;
but that wasn't a protocol problem; but a little stupid typo on my own);
so I think it should be trustable enough.

> - Substituting phone nubers specified in config against the nodelist's ones

EC> Could be useful, if someone suggests a clean implementation.

I don't really care about that; mainly because I learned not to trust
the nodelist :-(

> - Ignoring the case of ?lo files and their contents (for now, I have a
> script translating all this to lowercase. But that's not good)

EC> Hmm, if someone explains when this is necessary.

SMB exporte (or imported ?) outbound.

The problems is that the *.?lo files are written by a DOS program, using
some strange capitalization; then the files on the fs don't follow
that capitalization.

IMHO the only good solution would be to configure samba to convert all
files to lowercase; and have the 'dosoutbound' feature pre-convert to
lowercase before looking for the files. IIRC it already does that.

> - Correct MSGID susbstitution (personally, I don't need it. But my uplinks
> complain about this)

EC> ifmail has correct MSGID generator. "os" version has incorrect, and
EC> potentially dangerous generator.

The problem is with incoming messages from other gate programs; the standard
ifgate don't support all the variety of strange kludges that appear here and

That, with charset support, is the core of the patches I did on the 'tx'
ones (the other features are suggestions/patches sent by other people;
myself I worked only on the message format translation)

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