Re: "From:" header in ftn messge

Pablo Saratxaga (
13 Nov 1999 15:28:31 +0100

Li 8 Nov 1999 11:36:47 +0100,
ukasz Stelmach <> scrjheut:

S> Is there any way to make ifmail not to put <subj.> in the first line of
S> ftn message? I am asking because i've got local site with local.domain (in
S> local DNS :) and several AKA's in FTN nets. And there may be some
S> confusion when i send e-mail to someone on internet via fido<->inet gate
S> and in the message there will be address which is not registered in any
S> real DNS.

S> What is your advice?

Play with domtrans lines in config file maybe ?

Otherwise the 'tx' patches may do what you want; I added the idea of
"verbosity levels" that you can use in the command line of ifnews/ifmail;
so you can configure, by uplink/downlink, the verbosity of kludges and
header lines. with levels < 1 when the machine name in the From: is the
same as the one returned by gethostname() then the From: is not put on
the outgoing FTN message.

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