Ifcico not sending outbound mail

Kari Suomela (MSD)
Tue, 14 Sep 1999 08:06:20 EST5EDT

Thursday September 09 1999 22:11, Pablo Saratxaga wrote to
ftnx@karicobs.com (Kari Suomela):

PS>> #c:\fidonet\fidon\.006\fdd308aa.we0

PS>> There seems to be a bug in the handling of dosoutbund (but I
PS>> don't

KS>> BinkD seems to handle it ok, so maybe you want to compare its
KS>> source! :)

I looked once more at the files being created by my OS/2 tosser. The
problem is CASE! The dos-based apps are not consistent. They mostly
apply upper case.

PS> binkd it's too different on its internals.

PS> I fixed it by doing the check to remove any ending '/' or '\' in
PS> the

So, the way to 'fix' this in Ifcico, would be to to make "dosoutbound"
case-INsensitive! :)