Re: Ifcico not sending outbound mail

Pablo Saratxaga (
2 Sep 1999 15:22:17 -0000

Li 1 Sep 1999 16:38:06 +0200,
Kari Suomela <> scrţjheut:

PS>> When you talk about Binkley... it is Binkley on Linux or on DOS ?

KS> It resides on the Linux box, in a directory shared with SAMBA, and is
KS> the OS/2 version.

So it is the DOS-ish path names.

You would ned to usethis feature:

PS> outbound /var/spool/ifmail/fidonet
PS> dosoutbound c:\fidonet\fidonet

and change all the *.?lo files that should be a mix of unix and dos
path names:

for i in `find /var/spool/ifmail -name "????????.?lo"`
cp $i A
cat A | sed 's|/var/spool/ifmail/fidonet|c:\\fidonet\\fidonet|' | \
tr '/' '\\' > $i
rm A

adapt to your pathnames.

KS> This may be the clue! BinkD has a similar option, but it doesn't seem
KS> to handle subdirectories. I had to set a line for each outbound
KS> directory - and bingo! Maybe I'll try the same with Ifcico?

└ bient˘t,
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