Ifcico not sending outbound mail

Kari Suomela (MSD)
Wed, 01 Sep 1999 09:04:28 EST5EDT

Tuesday August 31 1999 22:35, Pablo Saratxaga wrote to
ftnx@karicobs.com (Kari Suomela):

Hey! There is life out there! <G>

PS> I bet the mail is in 'hold' flavour.

No. Binkley delivers it fine.

PS> You can change that by using the NoHold keyword in config file;
PS> eg:

PS> options (time Any0001-2359) NoHold NoJanus Hydra

I have that.

PS> When you talk about Binkley... it is Binkley on Linux or on DOS ?

It resides on the Linux box, in a directory shared with SAMBA, and is
the OS/2 version.

PS> outbound /var/spool/ifmail/fidonet
PS> dosoutbound c:\fidonet\fidonet

This may be the clue! BinkD has a similar option, but it doesn't seem
to handle subdirectories. I had to set a line for each outbound
directory - and bingo! Maybe I'll try the same with Ifcico?