Re: Ifcico not sending outbound mail

Pablo Saratxaga (
6 Sep 1999 15:00:24 -0000

Li 6 Sep 1999 05:38:36 +0200,
Kari Suomela <> scrţjheut:

PS>>> outbound /var/spool/ifmail/fidonet
PS>>> dosoutbound c:\fidonet\fidonet

KS> Still no luck! I am only concerned with OUTgoing mail being picked up.

KS> Here is my current config:

KS> === Cut ===
KS> address 1:2424/101
KS> address 1:2424/120
KS> address 1:2424/121
KS> address 1:2424/32
KS> address 1:2424/150
KS> address 111:1500/700
KS> address 111:1500/701
KS> address 111:1500/703
KS> address 81:940/15
KS> outbound /usr/local/mail/out
KS> dosoutbound p:\out.002
KS> dosoutbound p:\out.003

??? You can only have one AFAIK.
Try with 'dosoutbound p:\out' instead.

And look into the *.?lo files to see what is written.

KS> public /home/ftp/pub/files
KS> public /home/ftp/pub/files/fidonet

Same for this, I don't think you can have more than one.

KS> nodelist STNLIST 111:1500/700
KS> nodelist os2list 81:940/15
KS> nodelist UCN-LIST 1:2424/4
KS> nodelist kspoints.001 1:2424/32

Note that for each domain with a nodelist line ifmail will use
a directory *without hexadecimal zone extension*.
Myself I just do the symlinks, eg francom -> francom.065; but that may
be a concern if you can't do symlinks...
You may want to comment out those lines maybe, I don't know.

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