Re: Ifcico not sending outbound mail

Pablo Saratxaga (
11 Sep 1999 03:33:15 +0200

Li 10 Sep 1999 04:39:03 +0200,
Kari Suomela <> scrţjheut:

PS> I fixed it by doing the check to remove any ending '/' or '\' in
PS> the
PS> function reads the config file; then I remove the line that adds
PS> that
PS> '/'

KS> How would I go about getting this to work here?

If you have 2.15 you should be able to just pipe it to patch -p1 and
it willd do.

Otherwise edit the two files and do it by hand.
The "uniform patch" format is easy to understand I think.

└ bient˘t,
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