Re: Can't create output: Error 0 - Solved!?

Phillip Morgan (
Mon, 31 May 1999 22:51:38 +1000

Hello Pablo,

> FEATURE(mailertable) works with 8.8.* too.
Ok. I'll have a look at it.

> I can send you the sample *.mc file I distributed with the 'tx' ifmail.
That would be wonderful. I would appreciate that greatly.

> PM> So, where my address is 3:633/252, and my uplink's (which everything is
> PM> routed TO), is 3:633/260 it would be..
> PM> fido:%1.f260.n633.z3
> I think not. the %1 at right replaces what can be as beginning of machine
> name in the left part; so the above line means that a mail to a point
> of yours will be sent to a point of your uplink.
> If you really mean that, it's ok.
No, I have no points or downlinks. I am a leaf node, hanging off a hub.
I have only one uplink whom everything is routed to.

> # send to my points directly
> fido:%1.f252.n633.z3
Don't need it if I have no points, correct?

> # rest of fidonet and FTN to my uplink
> fido:f260.n633.z3
> .ftn fido:f260.n633.z3
*Everything* goes here.

> # internet email trough uucp maybe
> . uucp-dom:charlie
Don't use uucp. Only because I can't get it running.

> # or maybe trough smtp
> . smtp:[]
I don't follow this line.

> PM> 550 <>... Can't create output:
> PM> Error 0

> ?? The ifmail spool isn't told in the M lines of sendmail; but on ifmail
> config file.
Yeah, except the user:group did not have permission to write to the out
directory. When I deleted all permissions, and re-installed ifmail again
from scratch it finally worked.

> What could have been the problem is a wrong user/group to launch ifmail.
I suppose so.

> Mfnet, P=/usr/lib/ifmail/ifmail, F=8mDFMuSC, S=11, R=21,
> U=fnet:fnet,
> A=ifmail -r $h -g h $u
What's -gh? I'm using -gn

> (see the U= line)
Well, I think I must have re-invented a new way to make it work. I have
a user called ifmail in /etc/passwd. I don't know whether it's being
used or not. I think I just got lucky and fluked it.

> the news server is run as user 'news', so 'news' needs to be able
I haven't got news running. Both cnews and inn conflict with nntpcache
'cause they all want to use port 119.

I only use nntpcache cause I don't want to drag in megs of mail. I only
want the actual requested articles dragged in (saves lots of money!). If
I could have cnews or inn work the same way that would solve lots of

In any case, whether it's configured right or wrong (probably wrong), it
seems to be working at the moment.


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