Re: Can't create output: Error 0 - Solved!?

Pablo Saratxaga (
31 May 1999 10:06:47 +0159

on 30 May 1999 12:26:55 +0200,
Phillip Morgan <> said:

> Other than that it is not needed at all for such a simple rule, use
> the mailertable feature instead; in the *.mc file from which you
> create the put a line "FEATURE(mailertable)" (if not allready
> there); then in the mailertable you can have a line:
PM> Errr.. yeah. I've been trying to upgrade from sendmail 8.8.7 to 8.9.x

FEATURE(mailertable) works with 8.8.* too.

PM> for months now. I can't get it to compile. m4 and .mc problems mostly I
PM> think, I don't know really - I don't understand all this stuff.

I can send you the sample *.mc file I distributed with the 'tx' ifmail.
You have mainly to edit a few lines (address of fido uplink, your address,
tell if you have email acces or use the fido gateway, and the address
of either smtp or uucp relay or the fido gateway)

> # .domain or machine transport:route-via-this-one
> fido:%1.f1.n7211.z5

PM> So, where my address is 3:633/252, and my uplink's (which everything is
PM> routed TO), is 3:633/260 it would be..

PM> fido:%1.f260.n633.z3

I think not. the %1 at right replaces what can be as beginning of machine
name in the left part; so the above line means that a mail to a point
of yours will be sent to a point of your uplink.
If you really mean that, it's ok.
but I think you would rather want this:

# send to my points directly fido:%1.f252.n633.z3

# rest of fidonet and FTN to my uplink fido:f260.n633.z3
.ftn fido:f260.n633.z3

# internet email trough uucp maybe
. uucp-dom:charlie

# or maybe trough smtp
. smtp:[]

(sending internet mail trough a fido gateway needs editing of the file; as it needs rewriting the To: line, something
that can't be done in mailertable syntax)

PM> 550 <>... Can't create output:
PM> Error 0

PM> As I said above, the indications are it was a directory permissions
PM> problem, the offending line appears to have been the Mfido... line which
PM> was trying to write the .out file in /var/spool/bt/out.

?? The ifmail spool isn't told in the M lines of sendmail; but on ifmail
config file.
What could have been the problem is a wrong user/group to launch ifmail.
The better: create a user and groupe for ifmail (I called them 'fnet');
then instruct sendmail to use them, eg:

Mfnet, P=/usr/lib/ifmail/ifmail, F=8mDFMuSC, S=11, R=21,
A=ifmail -r $h -g h $u

(see the U= line)

make also the ifmail, ifnews and ifcico executable suid fnet
and only executables by user and group fnet:

chanae:/usr/lib/ifmail# ls -o ifmail ifnews ifcico
-rws--x--- 1 fnet 196660 Sep 24 1998 ifcico*
-rws--x--- 2 fnet 116244 Nov 10 1998 ifmail*
-rws--x--- 2 fnet 116244 Nov 10 1998 ifnews*

edit the file /etc/group to add to group 'fnet' all the users
that are allowed to call directly ifmail programs; eg I have:

chanae:/usr/lib/ifmail# grep ^fnet /etc/group

the news server is run as user 'news', so 'news' needs to be able
to run ifnews. some things mail related are run as 'mail', so 'mail'
needs to be able to run ifmail. I added 'root' and 'srtxg' (me) mostly for
facility, so I can manually launch them if needed

> You can put as many routing rules in the mailertable file as you want.
PM> If I can ever get sendmail 8.9.3 (or whatever is current),

mailertable works in 8.8.* too.

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