Re: Can't create output: Error 0

Jim Holland (
Mon, 31 May 1999 15:54:05 +0200 (SAT)

Hi Pablo

On 31 May 1999, Pablo Saratxaga wrote:

> So FTN is used only for your points ?
> Then routing is very easy; in the mailertable file put:
> # my points
> # all the other
> . uucp-dom:chanae
> (with of course the right uucp name of your uplink instead of "chanae")

We will be installing a standby server shortly, and also updating our
Linux version etc, so that would be a good time to experiment with
mailertable. Thanks for the advice. At the moment I have just one entry
in mailertable, for experimenting with creating local uucp accounts (they
work fine -- and are far simpler than FidoNet to manage!).

> Don't forget however to add to the file

We have five entries in that file including the above, to cover old domain
names that were used by MANGO at some time in the past.


Jim Holland