Re: Can't create output: Error 0

Pablo Saratxaga (
31 May 1999 10:12:40 +0159

on 29 May 1999 20:49:53 +0200,
Jim Holland <> said:

> Err, it does for "Fido users on 5:7211/1" (you mean points ?), or do they

JH> Because MANGO is making every effort to appear like an Internet system I
JH> get used to not using correct FidoNet terminology. Yes, I do mean our
JH> points. They communicate with MANGO using FidoNet protocols, and MANGO
JH> uses UUCP to transfer their mail to the next system.

So FTN is used only for your points ?
Then routing is very easy; in the mailertable file put:

# my points

# all the other
. uucp-dom:chanae

(with of course the right uucp name of your uplink instead of "chanae")

And that's all.

Don't forget however to add to the file
(or Cw class in so that mail to you (and not to your points)
is correctly delivered.

> second, eeeh... what was your problem again ? (sorry but it isn't really
> clear from the parcial messages I saw here).

JH> Well -- I don't have the problem! It was Phillip Morgan (
JH> who was getting a sendmail error saying:

Ah, :)

JH> He needs some help in configuring his file to allow him to
JH> send mail to his uplink.

I'll try to find the sample I used for sendmail 8.8.* systems.

À bientôt,
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