Re: What to do with my stuff ??

Markus Göbbels (
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 16:47:17 +0100

> Kaixo!
> on 24 Feb 1999 13:10:33 +0100,
> Markus Goebbels <> said:
> MG> I´ve built in some features (hopefully not bugs) into my version of ifcico. I
> MG> used the ifmail-2.9 sources and implemented things like
> Ouch, that is quite old; you would have greater chances to see your
> changes incorporated in ifmail if you do a patch against the current (2.14)
> version.

Yes, think so too... So well, I'm gonna patch a newer version next days - dear, I got
a huge lack of time.. :-((

> MG> My question: What to do with all that stuff ?
> Have you an URL where to get it ?
> Some people couild be interested (me for exemple :) )

Not yet, but when I've patched a new version of ifcico I'll put the diffs on my
homepage.. Well, isn't that quite chaotic ?? I mean, everyone around patches the same
sources and releases his patches anywhere in the web. Wouldn't it be wise to
coordinate developers centrally ? Elsewise there might be dozens of different versions
(and different problems) and the "sources of the sources" ain't very trusted
anymore... You know, back-doors and all that. ifmail is a communication platform and
would make a great deal for implementig trojanic functionality. I wouldn't feel well
downloading ifmail patches from just somewhere.