What to do with my stuff ??

Markus Goebbels (conceit@con.ruhr.de)
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 11:35:53 +0100

Hi !

I´ve built in some features (hopefully not bugs) into my version of ifcico. I
used the ifmail-2.9 sources and implemented things like

- fido-domain recognition (some clients do not xmit the domain, the mailer
will guess by zone number then)

- directory lookups on request (safe mode, like binkley did... You have a
request and a secure request file which list request-directories. ifcico will
(only) look up these directories when getting a request).

- dos pathnames translation (you can configure a *number* of translations for
dos to unix pathnames which will be used whenever needed, e.g. in flo files and
in request-lists which are now supported)

- smaller bug fixes (date/time in request-report messages and so on)

My question: What to do with all that stuff ?

Cya !