Re: What to do with my stuff ??

Markus Göbbels (
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 12:06:27 +0100

Eugene Crosser wrote:

> I can suggest the "developer's zone" on,
> although not many people seem to use it... As to including the
> patches in the mainstream, it is possible, but I do not work on
> ifmail much recently... My backlog is longer than a year now, I
> think :-(

Hm, Developer's Zone sounds fine... I'm going to register as soon as I've
implemented my ifcico-stuff to a fresh version... About adding stuff to the
mainstream: Many sites use cvs to administrate changes (whole KDE was built in
that way). What do you think about that ?

I think using a good administrative tool and making ifmail a "common project"
could power it up to a really flexible and stable (fido) mail tool in short
time. There are many things missing (in the fido part) like a good configurable
mail tosser (I prefer using Fastecho in a dos box, coz' I do not gate fido) and
a file ticker. Those tools need to be mighty enough to difference between user
levels, self configure (auto add areas on mail/file), build groups, generate a
messagebase (good old jam/hudson/squish style, I prefer jam because I've made
some CGIs for my users to html-read fido mail) and make announcements... This
functionality still can only be found in dos tools (filescan/fastecho e.g.).

I think cooperative work in a gnu/kde-like manner would make a great deal...