Re: Bug Report?! [LONG!]

Pablo Saratxaga (
Sun, 3 Nov 1996 06:21:56 +0100 (MET)

Kaixo !

> I make for two guys of my BBS the gate of col.answers and col.announce.
> One of this two (using ifmail ;) have pointed out me problem.

Well, you should maybe do a much simpler thing: don't gate !
as both use unix, the easier will be to set up a uucp feed, even if fidonet
mailer is the only way of connecting, you can put the news batches as file
attachs, whith cron for exemple, I receive myself some newsgroups this way...
Doublegating will allways cause problems whith large messages until fsc-0047
( ^aSPLIT kludges ) isn't implemented (and that needs a huge rewritting, as it
needs the reading of several fido messages (which ca nbe on different pkt)
before of rewritting the usenet or email; the other way is easier to implement,
however it needs to knows the number of resulting splitted fido messages
(that is, it needs to know the size of the article/mail) before gating).


> Ok. Claudio (the guy) pointed me that some of the (long) texts in
> col.answers were splitted, and was missed some part (particulary the
> third was ever miss).

Not the second one ?
If I remember well, the Eugene's version puts ^aMessage-ID in only the first
splitted fido message, I think I changed that so from some tx version it
does in all splitted Messages (the reason was that I receive some articles
fro musenet, full sized, then recive from fido, first part was deleted as
dupe by inn, ok, but then all other were accepted; and my message base was
polluted whith little end-of-articles :)

> a) They received *ONE* part of the message (the first)


> b) the ifmail's tosser pick Message-Id: from ^ARFC-Message-Id: that is
> the same for all message, so get dupes... this is the *real* bug, or
> better, the only one that i'm *sure* ;)))
> This is correct behaviuour, but don't consider the splitted message...

Yes, is that. and is "tx" specific.
I'll look where the change is done (is a single line)
Oh ! It turns out that I put this behaviour compile time choosable,
change in CONFIG file and delete -DKEEP_MSGID_ON_SPLIT and you will have
the behaviour you want, same as in plain 2.8f.

It is in the CONFIG file:

# -DKEEP_MSGID_ON_SPLIT keeps the Message-ID on splitted FTN messages.
# so they are not gated back to usenet on another gateway if the original
# rfc article reached the site first.

Maybe should I rephrase it better...

> So, this is a known problem?! There's a fix, or, at least, i can modify
> the 13K-limit?!

You can ! In last version (2.8f) you can even do that on config file
(before it was a #define in some *.c file):

# Maximum message size when splitting big messages of usenet origin
# default is 12300 bytes
maxmsize 12300

> PS: (for tx-only) in -DLEVEL=0 ifmail don't gate X-Newsreader/X-Mailer
> -> ^APID, i think this is a bug... ^APID is a standard and well known
> kludge and can live also in -DLEVEL=-1 !!! ;)

Well, -DLEVEL=0 and smaller are for people who get angry when seeing kludges,
so it is better not to do I think.
(PS: for those that don't know tx versions, the -DLEVEL=? thing defines the
amount of info from usenet/email headers to pass to fidonet messages,
0 is nearly nothing, -1 is _really_ nothing ;-), and 3 is everything in plain


A bientôt, Pablo Saratxaga

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