Re: "From:" header in ftn messge

Pablo Saratxaga (
19 Nov 1999 17:58:10 +0100

Li 16 Nov 1999 03:37:41 +0100,
James Vahn <> scrţjheut:

> > 0- discard the field, 1- kludge it, 2- make it part of the message.
> > Most likely you'll find that From: is tagged for number 2.
> tx version

JV> Same advice, but tx has broken it out to command options (-g) that you

ifmail -l <number> (or ifnews -l number).

1 is the default. 0 can be sued by not real gateways but nodes using
ifmail and wanting to have less ^aRFC- kludges.
-1 can be used to remove almost all; but it is really not a good idea.
(but can be useful in some case; eg sending mail to a stupid areafix)
2 uses plain text instead of kludges and keep everything; it may be a good
choice between two ifmail as all the rfc headers are kept.

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