Re: address origin line

Pablo Saratxaga (
19 Nov 1999 18:01:22 +0100

Li 15 Nov 1999 14:37:37 +0100,
Lukasz Stelmach <> scrţjheut:

LS> Does anyone know how to put one of three origin addresses into message

Create X-FTN-Origin: header lines

LS> because i'm connected to three different FTN nets. And as Jim wrote
LS> address should be in origin line that is "Organization:" field of inn.conf
LS> file.

Organization: line is used only if there isn't an X-FTN-Origin; so if
your news program allows you to add headers per-area; you can do it.

LS> To make everything clear i'm running ifmail-2.14-tx and inn 2.2 from
LS> redhat 6.0.

But that is irrelevant; it is your news reader that will determine if
you can or not do that (in case you can't; you can also replace ifnews by
a script that will read the Newsgroups: line and add X-FTN-Origin: lines...)

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