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Alex Makarov (
Mon, 08 Nov 99 15:06:17 +0200

On Mon, Nov 08, 1999 at 02:27:17AM +0200, wrote:

> > Are you going to include some patches from -os or -tx versions into your
> > future releases? IMHO, there're too much useful solutions for ifmail to
> > ignore them.
> No.
> Unless someone splits them into small individual pieces and feeds slowly :)
> Too many of the things that constitute os and tx diffs are either improper
> or wrong. And, oh yes, the diffs must be against development CVS source.
> Ifmail 2.xx is not supported anymore.

OK. So I wonder whether we should expect the following features in 3.0:

- Correct Hydra protocol
- Substituting phone nubers specified in config against the nodelist's ones
- Ignoring the case of ?lo files and their contents (for now, I have a
script translating all this to lowercase. But that's not good)
- Correct MSGID susbstitution (personally, I don't need it. But my uplinks
complain about this)
- separate netmail, echomail and files sections in EMSI
- ZMH support
- Restore .flos after failed outgoing call. There's no need in this feature
on *my* station, but there're TONS of people who want this.

Don't you think all of these features are improper or wrong?

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