Re: sqwish

Alex Makarov (
Mon, 08 Nov 99 23:42:04 +0200

On Mon, Nov 08, 1999 at 12:46:37PM +0200, wrote:

> > Some ad: I'm just happy using sqwish+ifmail on my node. Sqwish is an
> > extremely fast passthrough-only tosser, it packs mail for my points and
> > uplinks, and feeds my local ifmail with my *personal* echoes and mail.
> > I don't have to keep the spool for all transit echoes on my node anymore.
> could you send example ifmail's (and sqwish's) configurations to use
> sqwish (and ifmail)

Now I'm writing areafix for sqwish. As soon as I finish it (tomorrow or some
days later) I'll debug all the scripts again, and then I hope to
put alpha version with all neccessary scripts on ftp.

If I only send you the configuration file for sqwish, it will give you
nothing but pain. You will need lots of scripts to write by yourself or to
get somewhere. I hope I'll can help soon.

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