New ``Alexia'' BBS System

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15 Sep 1999 18:34:28 GMT

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``Alexia'' is a new BBS system designed with UNIX in mind.

It feature:
+ Maximus-like
+ no ``all-in-one'': Alexia is a simple shell that can be added to
/etc/shells and shell field in /etc/passwd; so can be used via
leased-line, telnet, ... transparently
Clearly this require a MTA, inn, ifmail/fidogate, mgetty... but
UNIX itself is the strongest BBS infrastructure on the world, we
needed only an interface... ;)
+ File Areas are simple ftp directory, you have to provide only a
consistent description of your ftp spool
+ full ANSI color
+ full customizable menus
+ can run external application (doors, MUA, new readers, uqwk [see
later], games, lynx, ...); programs are run as UID and GID of users,
so there are limited security problems...

Alexia is not finished; now
+ require external programs (mutt, tin) to read mail and news
+ require uqwk to compress offline mail packets
(oh, this can be considered a feature, not a bug! ;)

Clearly Alexia is developed under Linux, and copyrighted by Andrea
Baldoni <> under GNU GPL Licence.

You can find Alexia on:

F'Req: alexia-1.0.tar.gz @ 2:332/512

If you have another question, you can mail to <>.

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