crosspost handling...

Marco Gaiarin (
18 Aug 1999 16:54:21 GMT

Can be implemented in ifmail a ``smarter'' crosspost handling system?!

Now, if a message is xposted, they are gated for every newsgroup (with
the same msgid) and `Newsgroups: '' header is preserved; so, if a
message go to another ifmail system, only the first one get posted by
rnews, the other get dupe.

This scheme work if:
1) src and dest ifmail system have exactly the *same* Areas file
2) systems in path from src to dest preserve the clear ``Newsgroups: ''

Note that a middle ifmail system with different Areas file can broke

There's no simple solution for this, because of intrinsic difference
from news and fido technology.

A different approach came from the perl module News::Gateway (or from
my ``SmartGate'' mail2news gateway system in procmail ;).
Very simple:

if there's an xpost, every messageid got rewritten with a unique and
determined string, like:




so we got an unique msgid for every message, but still preventing dupes
(because we will convert to the same also the next time).

Clearly this brake references, but:

1) only for xpost
2) can be avoided saving modified msgid in a database, or inserting
host information in modifilers, as:


that are very simple to track and put back to the original form.

[i think this is simple to do with ``gatebau'' msgid style used in
``tx'' version, but also can be implemented with ``palin'' MSGID

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