Re: Ifmail-2.14

Pablo Saratxaga (
17 Aug 1999 11:00:57 -0000

Li 15 Aug 1999 02:36:04 +0200,
Kari Suomela <> scrţjheut:

KS> Being an old Binkley user, I am used to having 'files' as the a default
KS> magic
KS> name. I can't figure out, based on the docs etc., how to configure
KS> magics in Ifmail. If a file name is specified, it sends it fine.

in the ifmail config file you have a line 'magic', eg:

magic /usr/lib/ifmail/magic

In that directory create files with fiel name eing the magic name you want;
and inside the file (or files ?) you want to be sent for that magic name.

bash# ls /usr/lib/ifmail/magic/node*
/usr/lib/ifmail/magic/nodediff /usr/lib/ifmail/magic/nodelist
bash# cat /usr/lib/ifmail/magic/nodelist
bash# cat /usr/lib/ifmail/magic/nodediff

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