Re: Can't create output: Error 0 - Solved!?

Phillip Morgan (
Sun, 30 May 1999 19:24:59 +1000

Hello Jim,

> JH> The section from that you quoted was the part that
> JH> ensures delivery of mail to MANGO users. I am sure others could advise you
> JH> better on how to configure sendmail to route mail to your uplink.
As it turns out, the rule you quoted did not work. I started getting
host not found errors. I went back to my original rule...

R$* < @ $+ . fidonet . org . > $* $#fido $@ f260.n633 $: $1 < @ $2 .
fidonet . org > $3

Using the new Mfido line with the -gn and the F= switches...

Mfido, P=/usr/lib/ifmail/ifmail, F=mDFMhuSslL, S=11, R=21, A=ifmail -gn
-r $h $u

After this I recompile ifmail from scratch for about the 50th time
(including deletion and recreation of all of the directories), and ...
at last.... it works!!! I can send mail. The sendmail relay says
relay=f266.n633 which is wrong I suppose. If I add the z3 to the above
rule it doesn't work at all saying that the host name does not exist.

> > R$*<@$*> $#fido $@ $2.f1.n7211.z5 $: $1<@$>

That doesn't work for me, Pablo.

> first don't manually edit the if you don't really know its
> syntax, it is really complex and you can easily make big errors.
Hrmph! Tell me about it... Lucky for me I'm a backup freak :-)

> Other than that it is not needed at all for such a simple rule, use
> the mailertable feature instead; in the *.mc file from which you
> create the put a line "FEATURE(mailertable)" (if not allready
> there); then in the mailertable you can have a line:
Errr.. yeah. I've been trying to upgrade from sendmail 8.8.7 to 8.9.x
for months now. I can't get it to compile. m4 and .mc problems mostly I
think, I don't know really - I don't understand all this stuff.

> # .domain or machine transport:route-via-this-one
> fido:%1.f1.n7211.z5

So, where my address is 3:633/252, and my uplink's (which everything is
routed TO), is 3:633/260 it would be.. fido:%1.f260.n633.z3

> second, eeeh... what was your problem again ?
This is the orginal error...

550 <>... Can't create output:
Error 0

As I said above, the indications are it was a directory permissions
problem, the offending line appears to have been the Mfido... line which
was trying to write the .out file in /var/spool/bt/out.

> You can put as many routing rules in the mailertable file as you want.
If I can ever get sendmail 8.9.3 (or whatever is current), to compile
and work, I'll do it that way.

> You can also override the default routing by adding a rule for domain "."
> eg: you route 5:7211/1.* directly to them, all fidonet and FTN to

That looks like good advice. I'll hang on to that.

Well, gentlemen, I thank you for your help. It is good to finally be
able to send mail. Mind you, my uplink hasn't responded to a single
message I've sent him, but at least I'm sending the messages to him :-)

Your assistance has been invaluable.


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