Re: Can't create output: Error 0

Jim Holland (
Sat, 29 May 1999 15:44:52 +0200 (SAT)

Hi Pablo

On 29 May 1999, Pablo Saratxaga wrote:

> JH> Sorry -- I wrote to you by netmail rather than expose my ignorance
> to all
> JH> about sendmail! MANGO's system is designed to do two things:
> deliver mail
> JH> to our Fido users on 5:7211/1 and route mail from those users
> either to each
> JH> other or to the Internet (using UUCP). It does not do any FidoNet transfers
> Err, it does for "Fido users on 5:7211/1" (you mean points ?), or do they
> pick their mail on another format (eg when I still had some regular points
> they used PPP to connect and send/receive mail with smtp; it was easier
> for them, and no problem for me)

Because MANGO is making every effort to appear like an Internet system I
get used to not using correct FidoNet terminology. Yes, I do mean our
points. They communicate with MANGO using FidoNet protocols, and MANGO
uses UUCP to transfer their mail to the next system.

> Several things:
> first don't manually edit the if you don't really know its
> syntax, it is really complex and you can easily make big errors.

Others more experienced than I sorted out on MANGO, and it
works fine.

> Other than that it is not needed at all for such a simple rule, use
> the mailertable feature instead;

In fact it has quite a few other Fido specific rules which I didn't want
to complicate the issue with by mentioning. We don't use a mailertable,
and have just edited directly.

> second, eeeh... what was your problem again ? (sorry but it isn't really
> clear from the parcial messages I saw here).

Well -- I don't have the problem! It was Phillip Morgan (
who was getting a sendmail error saying:

DSN: Can't create output: Error 0

He needs some help in configuring his file to allow him to
send mail to his uplink.


Jim Holland