Problem with areamgr

Exile (
Sat, 12 Jul 1997 00:53:02 +0300

ok.. i know it's not like really about ifmail but i have a problem and my
nodeop doesnt seem to "get" my mails :)

anyway.. i'm now 2:490/256.700 and my node is /256 ;)
256 is runing on areamgr ... so it should respond if i send message to .... now. the subject should be my
password and that's it...
all the netmail i get comes to me as ordinary e-mail to me... (i run ifmail
over tcp/ip conenction) also i send netmail with my ordinary e-mail
the problem is.. that the areamgr doest seem to recognize me.. i type the
password to the subject line but still.... it send back the helpfile but
says also that
it was unable to recognize me.. and if i try to make %list it says i'm not
i even tried to change my reply-to address to something like
still it doesnt work.. the only thing that my op says is that i have to
send NETMAIL to areamgr ... is there another way to send netmail under
linux... and through ifmail.. so i can get that stupid areamgr to recognize
me... ? or am i stuck... else is working perfactly... well i think so

waiting for any help i can get cause i'm without fidogroups over 2 weeks
now ;(