Re: Gateing Netmail

Ian Southam (
Tue, 20 May 1997 09:36:28 +0100

At 04:25 PM 5/19/97 -0400, wrote:

>My incoming netmail from fidoland is: Chris Molnar 1:141/635 this
>should translate to: which should
>pick up in the Alias file and change to: cmolnar as my Alias file has the
>following line:
>This is not happening. Sendmail is comming back with the message:
>Chris.Molnar invalid user. (or something like this).

Sendmail will only do alias expansion for addresses on hosts it sees as local.
There are several ways round it but I would personally at a Cw to your sendmail configuration. That way sendmail will
know the fidonet address as a local address and will expand the alias. You
could also use the Masquerade as function in the newer sendmails although
that function carries quite a lot of baggage with it and you would be
advised to read the docs carefully:).

Hope this helps,