Re: ifmail on AXP (repost)

Ian Southam (
Tue, 20 May 1997 09:43:43 +0100

At 05:52 PM 5/15/97 +0300, Vladimir Litovka wrote:

> Now I'm trying to use ifmail (2.10) on Alpha Server 1000 with DU 3.2c,
>but have only problems :-)
> On this hardware sizeof(long) == 8 bytes (or 64 bits), but author
>widely use long as 32-bit value in CRC32-check and program (ifcico) fail
>on this test.

Hi Vladimir,

We as I have told you in the past run ifmail under AIX and had similar
problems. I did not realise you also had the zmodem only works one way one
as well.

We have found that the zmodem code in ifcico simply does not work under AIX
(although cusriously sz and rz do and it is almost the same code).

We have a hacked zmodem for ifmail that fixes this here (I cannot do a diff
because we lost the original source on a machine move ooops). Worse still,
to our eternal shame we cannot actually remember what we changed.

If you want, drop me a mail and I will forward the sources to you, they may
well help.

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