Re: And another bug, minor ?

Pablo Saratxaga (
Thu, 6 Feb 1997 09:29:38 +0100 (MET)

Kaixo !

> /179 feeds me his pvt - pvt.home.alone. Someday he writes me - he saw, that
> "pvt.home.alove" was autocreated from me. :() The same echo autocreated on
> /172.
> /172 feeds me nothing, but some day he found, that
> (and pvt.home.alove) autocreated from me.

INN send _articles_, an article crossposted to,
will be sent to a feed that you sent, even if he doesn't
If your ifmail's Areas file has a translation line for too,
then two FTN message will be generated, for two echoareas.
A patch by M.Schaeffer exist that allow having diferent Areas file for each
site (and a default one), then by defining on those files only
those groups he really receive you avoid the problem.

Another possibility is to use INN 1.5.1 and the "@" exclusion.
Note that the result is different (more exclusive) than the precedent solution.

> groups exported. Sure, "pvt.home.alove" is nonexistent.

But is it defined in the Areas file ? Or do you have a default line in
the Areas file (one whith "*" in the newsgroup side)

> And the last. Can smb send me configs from ifmail ? I'm completelly tied of
> guessing and sourcereading. Ifmail if cool package, but I'm about to leave
> fido, because Linux is cool, and I don't have dos, and ifmail seems to work
> very bad sometimes..

Other than that problem, what are your difficulties ?


A bientôt, Pablo Saratxaga

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