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Thu, 6 Feb 1997 13:17:44 -0300 (GMT+3)

On Thu, 6 Feb 1997, Eugene Crosser wrote:

> > > Because you did not read the FAQ.
> > > Do not put your fidonet address as one of local addresses for MTA.
> > I reread the FAQ now. I don't see anything related to MTA's local
> > addresses. :(
> I am sorry. This is not in the FAQ. This is in the README.

> ====
> ATTENTION: this mechanism won't work for you if you specify fidonet-style
> address as the "visible name" in your MTA. Do not do it! Even if you
> don't have an official Internet domain, use something.uucp as your
> primary machine name, NOT
> =====

> Probably I should have stated clearly that this does not only apply to
> 'visible name' but to any 'localname'. The idea is that your fidonet
> domain shall not be distinguished as local in your MTA.

Hm.. I have:


I should remove f1161... from it ?

> Eugene

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