Nodelist processor under Unix

Roeland Meyer (
Mon, 07 Oct 1996 11:56:31 -0700

Hello All,

Some time ago I sent the following message. I did get an answer describing
various functions of various programs in the ifmail packkage. This seems to
be the only such description ever published.

Unfortunately this message got lost in the course of many re-configures.
Basically, before I knew what I was doing with EudoraPro under WinNT.

Could some kind person re-publish these descriptions? Particularly, which
program is the Nodelist processor? Also, a location for a general
overview of which program does what and how ifmail works with
sendmail and cnews.

>I'm setting up a FidoNet Node on a Linux server. I just finished installing
>mgetty but the sendfax part isn't done yet <grin>. However, I'm also
>looking at Hylafax.

Hylafax doesn't compile clean under Linux v1.2.13 so it's off-line until
I get more time.

>Be that as is may, I haven't found a Nodelist processor yet. I was using Flist
>under OS/2, but there isn't a Unix port. Clues anyone...?

With this information and what I already know of both FidoNet and
Unix, I should be able to get this working, once my new modems come
back from the shop.

These bread-crumbs would be most helpful.
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