file-request case sensitivity

Rolf Nelson (rolf@USA.HEALTHNET.ORG)
Mon, 7 Oct 1996 15:46:22 GMT

Is there any way I can make file-attaches case-insensitive for
ifmail-2.8f (like it used to be for ifmail-2.8e?)

Whenever an intermail system gateways a FIDO file-attach through our
Linux system, it ends up deposited in /var/spool/ifmail/inb/ as all
lower-case, like "readme.txt". But, when the Linux system forwards it
on to another intermail system, it looks for
/var/spool/ifmail/inb/README.TXT, which it can't find (because the
file is "readme.txt" and not "README.TXT"), and fails to send the
attachment correctly.

2.8e would try both readme.txt and README.TXT, but we need to use
2.8f instead because being able to forward file-attaches from FIDO to
the Internet is "must-have" functionality for us.

Any ideas?



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