cannot compile under RH6.0

Darryl Perry (
Mon, 17 Apr 2000 11:13:00 -0700 (PDT)

I'm trying to compile ifmail 2.9 under RH6.0. When I
do a make, tries to compile ifutil, and give a parse
error on line 35, and again on 72.

Is there something in the CONFIG that I need to edit?
I left CONFIG as it was and did not edit it, so it is
using all the defaults when trying to compile. I
couldn't find anything in it that had any relevance to
my setup, so I went with the defaults.

Any Ideas on how I can get it to compile?

I must also say that I have compiled MBSE, which uses
ifmail, and that compiled ok. The only problem is
that when I use mbcico, I get a TCSETTATTR error when
it tries to open /dev/ttyS1 (my modem line). I can
use minicom on /dev/ttyS1 with no problems.

It is because of the problems with MBSE's version of
ifcico that I am trying to use ifmail in it's 'pure'
form, and hopefully fix my problems.

Darryl Perry
CyberiaBBs : Sacramento, CA. : 916-363-1830

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