Re: ????

Eugene Crosser (
Sun, 14 Nov 1999 12:30:53 +0300 (MSK)

> > - Ignoring the case of ?lo files and their contents (for now, I have a
> > script translating all this to lowercase. But that's not good)
> EC> Hmm, if someone explains when this is necessary.
> SMB exporte (or imported ?) outbound.
> The problems is that the *.?lo files are written by a DOS program, using
> some strange capitalization; then the files on the fs don't follow
> that capitalization.

Aha, so when ifgate generates .flo's for dos transport that works but
when dos tosser generates .flo's for ifcico then ifcico may not see the
files referred in the .flo... I see. I wonder how this may be worked
around cleanly... Quick way could be "try open file as is, then convert
the name to lowercase and try again, then convert it to uppercase and
try again" but this will not cover exotic cases when, say, some directory
actually has mixed case. OTOH, "correct" way would be to break the path
to elements, scan every directory finding the "best match" case-wise -
so ugly, and expensive too! Any better ideas?

> IMHO the only good solution would be to configure samba to convert all
> files to lowercase; and have the 'dosoutbound' feature pre-convert to
> lowercase before looking for the files. IIRC it already does that.

I think it does.

> That, with charset support, is the core of the patches I did on the 'tx'
> ones (the other features are suggestions/patches sent by other people;
> myself I worked only on the message format translation)

I was always reluctant to include charset support without (at least basic)
MIME support. OTOH full support for b64/qp encodings and multipart/
embedded messages seems an unreasonable complication. I now feel that
the proper way would be to combine ifmail/ifnews with a separate filter
that could deal with MIME encodings and pass to ifmail a clean text/plain
message with encoding=8bit. Most probably the same program could even
trnaslate the character set and put new charset= attribute. The only
thing ifmail would do is convert charset= mime attribute into ^aCHRS
kludge. What do you think?