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On Wed, 10 Nov 1999, Rachael Munns wrote:

RM>>> >> These people have no ground to complain, there is no technical reason to
RM>>> >> force you to generate MSGIDs similar to ones made by DOS software.
RM>>> >That argument looks pretty weak when it's just messages from ifmail
RM>>> >systems that are failing.
RM>>> Failing what?
RM>>Some software (sad, broken software) tries to get the Fido address out
RM>>of the MSGID kludge rather somewhere it's guaranteed to be.

The specs require that a fidonet address be in the origin line. Pulling the
address from that line is simple.

The last things that I looked at about MSGID said that it was permissive,
and, when used, it must be distinctive. I don't recall seeing anything in
there mandating how it was to be made up. And, as I recall, that was
document that was only a proposed spec, and not a real thing.

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