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Alex Makarov (
Sun, 07 Nov 99 23:57:34 +0200

On Sun, Nov 07, 1999 at 01:44:21PM +0200, wrote:

> > >BTW, what are the main changes in recently released ifmail-2.15?
> > I've never tried it.
> I announced it on this list: mainly make the thing compile and work on
> glibc2 based systems.

Are you going to include some patches from -os or -tx versions into your
future releases? IMHO, there're too much useful solutions for ifmail to
ignore them.

Some ad: I'm just happy using sqwish+ifmail on my node. Sqwish is an
extremely fast passthrough-only tosser, it packs mail for my points and
uplinks, and feeds my local ifmail with my *personal* echoes and mail. Thus,
I don't have to keep the spool for all transit echoes on my node anymore.

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