Lost again?

Kari Suomela (MSD)
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 10:26:34 EST5EDT

Wednesday October 13 1999 22:08, Alex Makarov wrote to

AM> Nope ;^) Are you still having troubles with dosoutbound?

I sure am! :(

AM> Won't I annoy you too much if I ask you to describe the problem
AM> one

My outbounds reside on a Linux partition, shared with SAMBA. All mail
handling is done by OS/2 programs. I also have two Binkley/bbs POTS
nodes, which are very hard to convert to Linux at this time. All the
OS/2 stuff works fine. I also run BinkD (Linux), which works perfectly
on those shared outbounds.

Then I have a couple of dial-in lines on a Linux box, which I'd like to
also handle Fido calls. They work ok for ppp, fax and INcoming Fido
calls. I.e. Fido mail gets in fine, but Ifcico will not deliver any
OUTgoing mail, whether HOLD or CRASH. I have tried all kinds of
user.group combinatios, even running Ifcico as root.root, but it still
doesn't see the outbound packets. It seems that the problem is CASE in
the .?lo files. I can force SAMBA to write the files in lowercase, but
the insides still remain in uppercase.

I have bugged the authors of those utilities (Allfix mainly), but am
not counting on much help from that direction.

There probably is a way to create a script to rewrite the .?lo files
every time, but my time and abilities will not allow that. :(