Re: Ifcico not sending outbound mail

Pablo Saratxaga (
18 Sep 1999 20:27:15 +0200

Li 14 Sep 1999 15:39:36 +0200,
Kari Suomela <> scrjheut:

Li 14 Sep 1999 15:39:36 +0200, vos scrjhz:

PS>> #c:\fidonet\fidon.006\fdd308aa.we0

KS> I looked once more at the files being created by my OS/2 tosser. The
KS> problem is CASE! The dos-based apps are not consistent. They mostly
KS> apply upper case.

That may be the problem; the ifcico code converts all to lower case before
looking for the files; so the file must be in lowercase in the filesystem.

You must configure your SMB export so that 8+3 names are stored locally
in lowercase.

KS> So, the way to 'fix' this in Ifcico, would be to to make "dosoutbound"
KS> case-INsensitive! :)

No. Because as DOS/Windows/OS2 are case insensitive almost 90% of programs
there doesn't follow any logical way in the case they use.

The solution is to configure your samba to store in lower case.
And you can also do a:

for i in `find * -type -f` ; do
mv $i `dirname $i`/`basename $i | tr 'A-Z' 'a-z'`

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