Ifcico not sending outbound mail

Kari Suomela (MSD)
Tue, 07 Sep 1999 23:14:46 EST5EDT

Wednesday September 08 1999 00:16, Pablo Saratxaga wrote to

PS> Dos 'ifstat' see the files referenced in the *.?lo ones ?

It only sees some ..H. files. :(

PS> #c:\fidonet\fidon\.006\fdd308aa.we0

PS> There seems to be a bug in the handling of dosoutbund (but I don't
PS> know if it is was on 2.14 or if I introduced it on some of my
PS> patches;
PS> I should check in 2.15 too).

I use the new 2.15.

PS> The extra '\' bug doesn't seem to affect ifcico, only ifgate.
PS> So it should work correctly for you.

Especially, when my files aren't creaed by ifmail/ifico etc.

PS> But I still don't know if you have configured ifcico correctly.
PS> Could you post a sample *.?lo file, its real path as seen by
PS> Linux,

I'll do that tomorrow. It is getting late here.

PS> Ah... so the SMB export is from Linux to OS/2; I thought it was
PS> the
PS> opposite.

To clarify: All applications, as well as in/outbounds reside on the
Linux box. (Because I could not get SAMBA to work the other way) OS/2
(and some DOS) apps run naturally on the OS/2 box. So, the OS/2 apps do
all tossing, file creating etc.. I want (and need) to use Mgetty/Ifcico
to handle a couple of lines, including Fido calls. Incoming works fine.

I will read your message more thoroughly tomorrow. <G>