Ifcico not sending outbound mail

Kari Suomela (MSD)
Mon, 06 Sep 1999 16:06:52 EST5EDT

Monday September 06 1999 15:00, Pablo Saratxaga wrote to

KS>> outbound /usr/local/mail/out
KS>> dosoutbound p:\out.002
KS>> dosoutbound p:\out.003

PS> ??? You can only have one AFAIK.
PS> Try with 'dosoutbound p:\out' instead.

PS> And look into the *.?lo files to see what is written.

The *.?lo files agree with this, since they're written by the OS/2
tosser. CASE may be a factor, though.

KS>> public /home/ftp/pub/files
KS>> public /home/ftp/pub/files/fidonet

PS> Same for this, I don't think you can have more than one.

Ok. I removed the multiple lines.

KS>> nodelist STNLIST 111:1500/700
KS>> nodelist os2list 81:940/15
KS>> nodelist UCN-LIST 1:2424/4
KS>> nodelist kspoints.001 1:2424/32

PS> Note that for each domain with a nodelist line ifmail will use
PS> a directory *without hexadecimal zone extension*.

This is getting interesting! As I am using Binkley with*out* domains, I
also removed the domains from Ifmail. So far everything *seems* to be
pointing to the right directories, and the domain-based directories are
no longer being created. I.e. everything is based on p:\out or

PS> Myself I just do the symlinks, eg francom -> francom.065; but that

As I don't have domain directories, should I create symlinks from the
main p:\out into the .??? directories?

PS> may be a concern if you can't do symlinks...

No trouble doing symlinks, if I know what I'm trying to achieve. :)