Ifcico not sending outbound mail

Kari Suomela (MSD)
Sun, 05 Sep 1999 22:26:10 EST5EDT

Friday September 03 1999 23:20, Pablo Saratxaga wrote to

PS>>> outbound /var/spool/ifmail/fidonet
PS>>> dosoutbound c:\fidonet\fidonet

Still no luck! I am only concerned with OUTgoing mail being picked up.

Here is my current config:

=== Cut ===
logfile /usr/local/binkley/logs/iflog
debugfile /usr/local/binkley/logs/ifdebug
verbose 9
address 1:2424/101
address 1:2424/120
address 1:2424/121
address 1:2424/32
address 1:2424/150
address 111:1500/700
address 111:1500/701
address 111:1500/703
address 81:940/15
include /etc/ifmail/passwds
inbound /usr/local/mail/in
listinbound /usr/local/mail/in
protinbound /usr/local/mail/in
outbound /usr/local/mail/out
dosoutbound p:\out.002
dosoutbound p:\out.003
dosoutbound p:\out.00f
dosoutbound p:\out.014
dosoutbound p:\out.01b
dosoutbound p:\out.021
dosoutbound p:\out.028
dosoutbound p:\out.049
dosoutbound p:\out.04e
dosoutbound p:\out.051
dosoutbound p:\out.058
dosoutbound p:\out.06d
dosoutbound p:\out.06f
dosoutbound p:\out.07a
dosoutbound p:\out.0c9
dosoutbound p:\out.143
dosoutbound p:\out.32c
dosoutbound p:\out.sq
dosoutbound p:\out.002\00e003a2.pnt
dosoutbound p:\out.028\02fd03a2.pnt
dosoutbound p:\out.07a\00dc003c.pnt
dosoutbound p:\out\00e003a2.pnt
dosoutbound p:\out\09780020.pnt
dosoutbound p:\out\09780065.pnt
dosoutbound p:\out
public /home/ftp/pub/files
public /home/ftp/pub/files/fidonet
magic /usr/lib/ifmail/magic
nodelist /home/ftp/pub/files/nodelist/NODELIST
nodelist STNLIST 111:1500/700
nodelist os2list 81:940/15
nodelist UCN-LIST 1:2424/4
nodelist kspoints.001 1:2424/32
database /var/spool/ifmail/ifdbm
sequencer /var/spool/ifmail/seq
sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail -oi -f $F $T
rnews /usr/lib/news/rnews
iftoss /usr/lib/ifmail/iftoss
unzip /usr/bin/unzip -Lojq $F
unarj /usr/lib/ifmail/unarj e $F
unlzh /usr/bin/lha xiq $F
unarc /usr/bin/arc x $F
unzoo /usr/bin/zoo -extract $F
unrar /usr/lib/ifmail/unrar e $F
packer /usr/bin/zip -q9 $F $P
maxfsize 500000
maxpsize 30000
maxmsize 12300
nonpacked cm
newslog /var/log/news/ifnewslog
msgidbm /tmp/ifmsgids
ModemPort ttyS1:L115200
ModemPort ttyS2:L115200
PhoneTrans 1-416- /
PhoneTrans 1-905 / 905-
PhoneTrans / 00
ModemReset ATZ\r
#ModemDial (time Any0800-2200 & address 2:5020/49) AT&M5&N4DP\T\r
#ModemDial (address 2:5020/49) AT&M5&N6DP\T\r
#ModemDial (speed < 4800) AT&N3DP\T\r
ModemDial ATDT\T\r
ModemHangup ATZ\r
ModemOK OK
ModemConnect CONNECT
ModemError BUSY
ModemError NO\sCARRIER
ModemError NO\sDIAL
ModemError RING\r
ModemError ERROR
TimeoutReset 3
TimeoutConnect 70
DialDelay 0
options (time Any0000-2359) NoHold
Name bbs.karicobs.com
Location Toronto ON Canada
SysOp Kari Suomela
Phone 1-416-502-5711
Speed 14400
Flags XA,V32B,V42B
=== Cut ===