Kari Suomela (MSD)
Sun, 08 Aug 1999 19:39:30 EST5EDT

I have Ifcico now successfully being launched upon receipt of a Fido
call. It even received a file that was sent here! However, the file
landed in my /in/tmp directory, obviously waiting to be processed by
something else from there.

I want my OS/2 Gecho etc. to do all mail/file processing. Is there a
way to have Ifcico place the inbound stuff in the directory specified
in config, or do I have to move it separately?

I also tried to poll someone: ./ifcico <node number>, but nothing
seemed to happen. The documentation is *very* brief, so I would
appreciate some help here.

Should Ifcico be polling nodes, which have crashmail pending? Will it
be able to read the .CLO files created by the DOS-like program? BinkD
has a neat feature that translates \\ to /. Maybe something similar is
needed here?