Re: Matrix Routing...

Marco Gaiarin (
13 Jul 1999 13:29:15 GMT

Mandi! Eugene Crosser
In chel di' si favelave...

>> Someone have already done it?! ;-)))
EC> Look at ifcico/ifroute.c, I started it back in '93? or 94? but never made
EC> it do anything real useful.

I've looked ad ifroute, but it use MX lookup, so you have in any case
to put ``routing information'' in some place (in this case, bind
configuration file).

I'm thinking about a system that do routing automagically (or 99%
automagically ;) based on nodelists and also reply with well-formatted
matrix to nonexistent nodes under my responsability.

All this can be done also with normal MTA routing capability (generating
path routing file from nodelist and some other info), apart from HUB
routing, that is an open problem... ;-)))

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