Matrix Routing...

Marco Gaiarin (
9 Jul 1999 13:51:57 GMT

I'm thinking about the matrix routing in ifmail, in this day...

Now we trust MTA routing capabilities, with ``uucp path'' like
mechanism or hardcoded rules, but this lead to some problem:

1) if we don't want to setup a rule for every point, then email
directed to an nonexistant point simply get wrote in outbound, and sit
there forver...

2) if we are Hub or Host, we have to bounce back email as above...

In every case, it will be better to bounce email with a correct email
message explaining how...

Ok, some MTA can use a special transport ``error'' that get bounces
back, configurable (i think can be setup also in smail), but i can't
setup a ``filter'' to catch an HUB (say, 2:333/1000) apart from setting
up 100 line (1000->1099) in path routing file.

Also, most of the needed information are stored in nodelist and
pointlist, so ``routing information'' can be build automagically.

I'm thinking about a little C program that get in an address, and
return a path and a transport (compatible with smail queryprogram
router), or (in some way better) a script that generate a procmail
recipe file that do real filtering.

Someone have already done it?! ;-)))

  But somebody's gonnahave to answer, the time is coming soon
  when the blind remove their blinders
  and the speechless speak the truth			(T. Chapman)