Re: Can't create output: Error 0 - Solved!?

Pablo Saratxaga (
2 Jun 1999 01:25:51 +0159

on 31 May 1999 15:27:01 +0200,
Phillip Morgan <> said:

>> I can send you the sample *.mc file I distributed with the 'tx' ifmail.
PM> That would be wonderful. I would appreciate that greatly.

I would need to search in my archives...

> # send to my points directly
> fido:%1.f252.n633.z3
PM> Don't need it if I have no points, correct?

you can however have this: error:"" "hey 3:633/252 has no points man"

the "error" transport is quite special, it returns an error, I don't
remember what is the meaning of the first string (the one is empty: "")
but the second is what is showed as the origin of the error in the
automatically generated reply.

> # rest of fidonet and FTN to my uplink
> fido:f260.n633.z3
> .ftn fido:f260.n633.z3
PM> *Everything* goes here.

But email-trough-fido-gateway can't be routed like that, as it needs
a special rewritting of the To: line, eg user@domain must become
user%domain@f1.n2.z3 (supposing 3:2/1 is the gateway); the reason is the
inability of FTN format to handle addresses not in FTN format; the trick is
put the real address as the FTN "name" (that is before the @ in the fnz.domain
notation) addressed to the FTN address of the gateway.

That has to be hacked either in the rules (I'll post the *.mc
that does it when I found it)

(but, as you have obviously internet access as you write here; I strongly
suggest you configure sendmail to use it for internet email; it is much
better than using any FTN gateway; and you are safe of any problem
related to the FTN network)

> # internet email trough uucp maybe
> . uucp-dom:charlie
PM> Don't use uucp. Only because I can't get it running.

It is however very easy; easier than configuring fidonet.

installing: rpm -Uv uucp*rpm :-)
configuring: copy the sample config files from /usr/doc/uucp*/sample
to /etc/uucp, make sure that all /etc/uucp is owned uucp.uucp and protected
(chown uucp.uucp -R /etc/uucp ; chmod go-rwx -R /etc/uucp)
then edit the files to suit your situation.

> PM> 550 <>... Can't create output:
> PM> Error 0

PM> Yeah, except the user:group did not have permission to write to the out
PM> directory. When I deleted all permissions, and re-installed ifmail again
PM> from scratch it finally worked.

The permissions is a sensitive field, where a little error can jeopardize
(either nothing works or you are vulnerable to malevolous people).

> Mfnet, P=/usr/lib/ifmail/ifmail, F=8mDFMuSC, S=11, R=21,
> U=fnet:fnet,
> A=ifmail -r $h -g h $u
PM> What's -gh? I'm using -gn

man ifmail or ifmail -h :)

it's to put the outgoing packets as hold. I prefer to work that way; I allways
put everything as hold; then I make a call when I want to by touching
a *.clo file. that way I avoid the potential problem of someone routing
messages all 3 minutes trough my machine who make a new call (I pay for
each segond of phone time).
The reason I put execution restrictions on ifcico is the same; avoid that
someone could make an at or cron job to call the other side of the earth
on my dime.

>> the news server is run as user 'news', so 'news' needs to be able
PM> I haven't got news running. Both cnews and inn conflict with nntpcache
PM> 'cause they all want to use port 119.

Even if you make them use different ports they will conflict anyway as they
do the same ! nntpcache is a (quite special) news server.

PM> I only use nntpcache cause I don't want to drag in megs of mail. I only
PM> want the actual requested articles dragged in (saves lots of money!). If
PM> I could have cnews or inn work the same way that would solve lots of
PM> problems.

Of course you can. INN and cnews in fact never pull anything; they only work
on push mode. THe normal operation is to have another peer server to send
you the messages; you only receive.
But as you have no permanent IP address that is not possible; so you can:
* receive trough uucp, run "send-uucp uucpnode" regularly from news crontab;
(the other way around is done automatically by uucp; in fact after end
of connexion uucico calls otherprograms and do all the necessary)
* receive trough a program like "suck" which request to an nntp server, in
client mode (eg like you do when connecting whith netscape, rtin, etc)
to get messages; then pipes them to INN like if they were sent by another
server, or by uucp.
suck comes with a program to send your messages the other way too. you
just need to run it while online on the internet.
* receive through ifmail it works much like uucp, just the names of programs
that change a little.

À bientôt,
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