Re: inn/ifmail troubles

Pablo Saratxaga (
31 May 1999 21:08:33 +0200

on 31 May 1999 06:27:09 +0200, said:

dcvnac> can't get echomail tossed/scanned. ifmail just says:

dcvnac> May 31 02:39:08 local ifunpack[4842]: Error tossing packet 2931f1b5.pkt
dcvnac> May 31 02:39:08 local ifunpack[4842]: processed 0 of 0 files, 0 of 1
dcvnac> packets, rc=13

it could be a corrupted pkt; if the pkt aren't too big I would be interested
to receive a copy.

dcvnac> Also, when I write a message with tin -r, I get it in the
dcvnac> /var/spool/news/articles/AND_SO_ON, but can't get it to my outbound..

What are the entries in newsfeeds file, the command line you use to launch
the conversion, and the error messages ?
Have you tryed piping an article to ifnews directly ?

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