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Pablo Saratxaga (
29 May 1999 10:33:37 +0200

on 27 May 1999 23:49:39 +0200,
Jim Holland <> said:

JH> Sorry -- I wrote to you by netmail rather than expose my ignorance to all
JH> about sendmail! MANGO's system is designed to do two things: deliver mail
JH> to our Fido users on 5:7211/1 and route mail from those users either to each
JH> other or to the Internet (using UUCP). It does not do any FidoNet transfers

Err, it does for "Fido users on 5:7211/1" (you mean points ?), or do they
pick their mail on another format (eg when I still had some regular points
they used PPP to connect and send/receive mail with smtp; it was easier
for them, and no problem for me)

JH> The section from that you quoted was the part that
JH> ensures delivery of mail to MANGO users. I am sure others could advise you
JH> better on how to configure sendmail to route mail to your uplink.

You mean this ?

> R$*<@$*> $#fido $@ $2.f1.n7211.z5 $: $1<@$>

Several things:

first don't manually edit the if you don't really know its
syntax, it is really complex and you can easily make big errors.
Other than that it is not needed at all for such a simple rule, use
the mailertable feature instead; in the *.mc file from which you
create the put a line "FEATURE(mailertable)" (if not allready
there); then in the mailertable you can have a line:

# .domain or machine transport:route-via-this-one fido:%1.f1.n7211.z5

second, eeeh... what was your problem again ? (sorry but it isn't really
clear from the parcial messages I saw here).

You can put as many routing rules in the mailertable file as you want.
You can also override the default routing by adding a rule for domain "."
eg: you route 5:7211/1.* directly to them, all fidonet and FTN to
your uplink (say, 1:23/4) and all the rest by uucp (or better uucp-dom)
to uucp machine "goman": fido:%1.f1.n7211.z5 fido:f4.n23.z1
.ftn fido:f4.n23.z1
. uucp-dom:goman

then you recompile the mailertable database
(makemap hash /etc/mail/mailertable < /etc/mail/mailertable)

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