Re: Breaking off of a file transfer via ISDN

Markus Goebbels (
Mon, 10 May 1999 09:19:50 +0200

Am Mon, 03 May 1999 schrieb Wolfgang Grueneberg:

>"/var/spool/fido/outbound/00f103e8.out" as "37276FDC.PKT" (2502 bytes)
>Apr 28 22:30:21 arktur isdnlog: Apr 28 22:30:21 tei 87 calling +49
>511/6063018, Hannover with +49 511/6138291, Hannover Normal,
>unspecified (Public network serving local user)
>Apr 28 22:30:26 arktur kernel: isdl2 freed 1 skbuffs in release
>Apr 28 22:30:26 arktur kernel: isdn: Tel0,ch0 cause: E021F

Hi Wolfgang !

Seems to be an ISDN-failure on first sight... ifcico doesnīt report problems
here, but ISDN-cause E021F is suspicious. Actually I do not know what this
means, but the failure causes are described in the i4l/hisax docs and howtos.